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Give your students access to Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and College Algebra

What's included?

Access to all three courses:
Algebra 1
Algebra 2
College Algebra

Video Tutorials

Our video tutorials make it easy to catch up on Algebra lessons that you  are struggling with.

Notes  & Practice Problems

We provide everything you need for your learning journey.  Notes worksheets to take notes on and practice problems to build your confidence.

Step-by-Step Answer Keys

Check your work with our step-by-step answer keys.  Don't waste another minute trying to find your mistake!

Quizzes and Tests

We provide on-going assessments to ensure your success in Algebra! 

Get Help When Needed

If you are struggling with a concept, just send me a message and I will provide support to help you learn the topic!  You are not alone in your Algebra journey.

A Promise

I promise that you will being to understand Algebra and be successful in your journey.  Just let me know if you feel unsuccessful and we will meet to get you back on your feet! 

Inspire Schools

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