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Pre-Algebra Refresher

The first unit of the Algebra 1 curriculum is completely FREE!
Review all of the Pre-Algebra skills necessary for Algebra 1 and get a feel for whether this Algebra program will work for you.
You'll soon realize that you can solve Algebra problems just like these students!
What you are going to learn

Understand the basics of Algebra

This free unit is the first unit of the Algebra 1 curriculum. Here you will begin building the foundation for Algebra and all other higher level math courses.
Throughout this unit you will:

  • understand and use all integer rules.
  • translate and evaluate algebraic expressions.
  • use the order of operations to evaluate expressions.
  • identify and combine like terms to simplify expressions.
  • utilize the distributive property to simplify expressions.
  • use formulas to solve real world problems.

Course contents

Your Instructor:
Karin Hutchinson

Karin Hutchinson is the sole creator and teacher of these Algebra courses.  She is a former elementary and middle school teacher who now teaches online in order to be able to raise her own children.  Karin has a Bachelor Degree from Towson University in Baltimore, MD and a Masters Degree in Education from Johns Hopkins University.

Course reviews

It's been a week since my purchase and I am absolutely thrilled with your material. The word problems are fantastic. I used some of your compound inequality word problems in class and presented them on the whiteboard.
I showed the content with the other two eighth grade math teachers and each of them in turn purchased your materials. What a great bargain!!! Thanks again for your hard work. Everything is organized beautifully.
I just spent 3 hours doing Unit 5 Lessons 1 & 2 because that is what I am learning at school this week, and cannot believe my progress. I so wish I would have found your course sooner. It is amazing.
You explain everything in such clarity it's like night and day. Thank you so much for getting me started. I am so happy you can't believe it. You are the best instructor ever!
Thanks again.
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